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Tax overpayments at sale of home. Ive trying to get refund for 4 months now on double payment of taxes. The absolute worst customer service with no follow ups with Seterus tax payment office QBE now no longer servicing Seterus so i have to go through a new company Laretta and still cant get my money back of about $3000. Everytime i call they put me on a 15 business day research. I started this...

  • 1 day ago
  • Finances
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Called in to make arrangements to pay a couple of days late. Went on line and paid on the agreed on day. Seterus deducted the payment again out of my account and overdrew me. They were going to make me wait 10-14 days to get the second payment back or get a letter from my bank stating, I don't even know what, to cancel the second payment! I am really pissed and am going to refinance as soon... Read more

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  • Jul 09
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Mount Laurel, New Jersey
  • Loan Transfer
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  • 20

BOA transferred my loan to them as of July 1 2014 I have called numerous times trying to get a account number from them. On hold 30 mins 50 mins disconeccted, technical difficulties on and on still no results. When the recording tells me my payment it is without taxes and Ins .So idk what to do they seem like a HOT mess and everything I have read I am scared to ehat the future will hold. So now... Read more

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Seterus has gone over the line with abusing the law. No watch dogs that care. Modifications are a joke. And they dont pay your taxes from escrow. Its a set up to assist anyone in trouble for failure.

  • Jul 04
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Mortage Company
  • 38

For the last three years Seterus has been hitting our account with late fees on our mortgage. When we call them to ask if they received our payment they say yes, and that we are not only paid current but are paid ahead into the next month! Then WHAM they throw a late fee on the mortgage account. When we call to question that they say we are actually a month behind. Then we have to file a... Read more

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  • Jul 03
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Mortgage
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My ex husband (still on upside down loan) filed bankruptcy AFTER divorce (after the decree gave me the home and quit claim deed was signed). Seterus has been withholding all mortgage statements for 2 years. They refuse to give them to me even though I've been paying ON TIME for the past 5 years (life of Seterus loan). At the moment, they are also sitting on an over payment of $877 they... Read more

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Have been seeking loan modification with my lender-Seterus-for neat a year.keep submitting documents and being told to resubmit.No decision reached.Rep promised to go over my info to determine why no modification has been offered but has never called me back.I am currently a month behind and gave been getting intent to foreclose letters.

Mortgage servicer does not release my insurance settlement money to my contractor.

My father is the owner to the property that I have been renting for about 10 years now bank of america sold us to seterus inc because we where in default in 2 payments and thought we wouldnt bring the account current. I called seterus asking for a modification I have been turning numerous faxes and documents that they claim to never get they harass me with phone calls bank accounts that they need...

Seterus called and said oh I see you make your loan payments late but never over 30 days, can I get your bank information so I can change your due date? I told her sure, call me next week. I played her just like she did me, didn't she notice I had already changed it? I pay them when I feel like it!

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