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We didn't make a $50 escrow adjustment on our July mortgage and they charged us a $125.69 late fee! I said I'm disputing it and want it reversed and the CS person said I have to send a fax. A fax? That's now the Pony Express of the 21st century. They should be forbidden from making consumers use FAX. We don't even have a fax at home anymore. Can't wait to get away from this lender. They are a shady operation and have no regard for their... Read more

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I was not behind in my mortgage when Bank America transferred me to 2013 Seterus and Fannie Mae and told them to foreclose and take the house away from me after 14 years of not missing a payment. Now here it is 2016 Jan they had Coldwell banker to break in my house and take it without a sheriff and took everything I had. the Police department in Evergreen park was in on this too. The Judge and the Lawyers blacked out foreclose papers and next... Read more

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Received a check from my insurance company for hail damage to my roof and siding. The insurance company included Seterus on the check, so I had to send the check to QBE Property Loss Dept. for Seterus' endorsement on the check. I also had to send them a copy of the Insurance Adjustor's worksheet, estimate from the contractor, conditional waiver of lien for the contractor, substitute w-9 for the contractor, repairs affidavit, property owner... Read more

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Seterus Inc. has completely ignored my rights to no longer recieve their useless phone calls due to filing for bankruptcy. Three months of giving them my attorney's contact information and telling them they're illegally calling a cell phone has changed nothing. They're arrogant with horrendus customer service skills. Yesterday's phone call the representative, Jessica Gatling, raised her voice, refused to state a contact phone number and clearly... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 12
  • #881315

Every time I go to pay my mortgage payment the website is down then I have to call the automated number which charge charges 10 bucks more to pay your mortgage it's ridiculous!!!

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Due to housing market crash we had to foreclose and declare bankruptcy after 20 yrs living in the same condo at Mariners Quay, Riverwalk, Chesapeake Va. We had no choice and it was devasting to us. SETERUS has yet to foreclose after 15 months and we have been charged $7000 for HOA fees plus flood insurance . My husband is 70 living on ss and I am still looking for a full time job in MD. We moved into the basement of my sisters home. We... Read more

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I was a Country Wide Home loans person who I liked then got shifted to BOA who wasn't too good then shifted to Seterus who I hate. I became ill requested a modification was refused filed bankruptcy work with court and serterus for a loss mitigation seretus gives me "trial Payments" I make them then when it come time to do a final modification they add $35,000.00 to my loan balance and start it off with a whole new 40 years. WTF I've had my house... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 05
  • #877021

Id love to get anything in the msil from them. An account statement would be nice. Oh and what about the extra money in escrow after taxes at years end? Id so like to know whats up w my account!!!!

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I can tell you one thing, Seterus is horrible! Their customer service is less than adequate... The VA get better treatment and that's NOT something to be proud of... Buyer beware! I have been in dispute with them since DAY 1 with NO light at the end of the tunnel because all they do is deny, deny, deny... Even when you prove they are in the wrong they refuse to take ownership of their errors. It's everyone else who's wrong. Seterus is the "out... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 01
  • #875350

Seterus is the devil. If you get a loan, stipulate in your documents that the loan can not be purchased or sold to this company.

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