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I call today they promise Me that the file in the hand of a underwriter today. Well been told that many times.

I call with a Hub Counselor only told not able to talk on a conference call because She told them the call will be recorded . The Employee told Her they not allowed to talk while call being recorder.

I am so tired of this run around stuff. No one is checking to see if they going by polices put in place for them to follow up with a buyer.

Original review posted by user Apr 04, 2013

I am so frustrated apply for loan modification in 07/2012. I would call 50-60 calls ask to send documents over and over .

The documents send will expired. Then call one day the Employee told Me that no one even touch My file. So a request was open. Now I am still going to same old stuff.I made a complaint with Fannie Mae waiting on a response.Now I am disable and this is really causing a severe health problems.

It seems like no one gave a dam. I had to end up filing for chapter 7 . Now they sending a letter saying they need this document have expiration date to be send. I fax two times.

Things I fax 3 times they say did not receive it. Now I send the document. I will be calling them everyday. I promise You.

Is there is advise that anyone can comment or help Me so I can get the payment modification to fit My income. Thanks for your time.

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I called Bank of America to make a payment and they told me my loan was transferred to Seterus. They could only give me a phone number.

I called Seterus and they wouldn't talk to me because I didn't have a loan number, said I had to wait for my welcome packet. A month later I have finally recieved the so called welcome packet, only now I am two months behind because the last payment I made to bank of america didn't seem to make the cut before the transfer.

This company is terrible. I just want to sell my house so I don't have to deal with them again!

to Anonymous Conyers, Georgia, United States #685387

make a complaint with BBB


What happened? We are kind of going thru same thing

to Musicmom Conyers, Georgia, United States #685377


I wrote President Obama telling him the program that's in place making home affordable seem hard to get when you meet all the qualification . The I make a complaint with BBB.

I got fast response. Even got a letter saying I will have my personnel account representative. So far everything going well finally got trial payment of six of them the last one will be in August. Then by September ever thing should be finalized.But I receive a phone call for program Rep.

as well. I was provided a number if I run into not getting the final paper work.

Thanks for asking. 8)

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