We have gone thru close to $8-10k in unnecessary fees etc... To keep us in our home.

We eventually had no choice but to file bankruptcy to give us time to save our home from being foreclosed on illegally. CONTACT CONSUMER PROTECTION BUREAU!! FYI, my lawyer told me that I am completely in the right to record every conversation I have with them WITHOUT informing them bc I am part of the convo. Keep ALL recorded phone calls, notes etc with the persons name!!

Document everything!!! We are getting a seperate bank acct that is ONLY for paying our mtg so there is no excuse for their excuses of no payment etc... They are crooks and will ***!!

Get out if possible and don't use whatever company they suggest to refi with. I have read that they will recommend one (bc of the govts new rules) and that new company will turn around and sell you right back!

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