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they agreed to a repayment plan, then deleted it out of the system and initated foreclosure proceedings. completely illegal.

then they say apply for a loan mod and deny it! got my lawyer. done with this ***. theyre evil *** liberals who hate americans!

they target all christians, have a good look!

just like the irs did, they got those very records from the irs about the tea party and those they targeted and did the same! never use seterus, theyre all evil, corrupt liberal god hating, trump hating, skum, get your lawyers and sue the *** out them, also call your congressman!

Review about: Seterus Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Terrable.

I didn't like: Not honoring agreements, Illegal attempt to foreclose on my home, Never getting responses, Lack of customer service skills, Process.

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Seterus is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST company to deal with and should be put out of business. The Federal Treasury Dept and Federal Trade Commission should do a thorough investigation.

Have requested a "Qualified Written Request" per Federal RESPA regulations multiple times verbally and they have refused to comply. They are experts at fraud and lying. Can never speak with the same person or, for that matter, any person that is somewhat educated. They all are trained to suck the life out of borrowers using whatever corrupt means they can and go by script.

Can NEVER speak with someone with authority? They are clandestine, sinister and will do everything to financially hurt the borrower. If you request documentation they will NEVER provide it so there is no paper trail so be sure you document and follow-up with a certified return receipt letter or fax to them.

VERY IMPORTANT! If possible get the *ell away from them by getting another lender.


Dude, seriously Seterus is bs but coming on a forum about bad companies and screaming about your religion and how they are part of a liberal conspiracy makes you look like an ***

to ThinkableSquid #1529677

They are part of the globalism that exists to defeat America, exactly why do you think China has bought up so much American farmland, the war is coming to America and it won't be pretty. Liberals are the cause and their evil ways.

I dont care what I look like to you. The truth matters an so does freedom of speech. Talk to me when you have a chip implanted in you forehead because of globalism. Oh wait I won't be here, the rapture will have happened.

Now what were you saying again???? Think my friend think

to Anonymous #1531412

You are too far gone to help in any constructive way, the only advice I have for you is to bury your tinfoil encased head in the sand and wait for your rapture. pathetic...

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