Our mortage has also been sold to seterus. I have not been able to make a online payment because my password never works.

I call every month to make my payment and then it will cost me $10.00 instead of$500. They also insist that my mortage is due on the first of the month and it is not due till the 13th.

Ihave been waiting this morning (September 27 2012 for a call from tec support at 10:30 am and it is now 11:06 am and no call. My husband told them they can have this house back because we have anothe that is paid for .

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ask for a 1x waiver because of the inconvenience and they will waive it.. if they say no ask for a supervisor..it works almost every time


I have been trying to make my payments on line also. It keeps saying I have the wrong password Too.

When I call up, the pay by phone option in temporarily disabled. This company stinks!

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