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This company is currently servicing my mortgage loan which they took over from Chase Bank and like the previous reviewer, I received no notice from Chase that they were going to be transferring my loan over to Seterus and nothing from Seterus informing me that they were my new loan service provider but what I did receive from them on the 4th day of the month were numerous phone calls wherein they advised me that I was behind on my loan payment, that my payment was late, was I aware that I was going to have to pay late charges included in with my payment, when was I going to make the payment, could I give them a post-dated payment now and they would hold until I had the funds available ....... and on and on.

So then I asked them was their policy the same as Chase's as far as grace periods ending on the 15th of the month and thus your payment not being considered late until after the 15th and they said Yes. So then I asked them why were they harrassing me about the monthly payment if it was only the 4th of the month and my payment was not late and he tells me "Ma'am your payment is due and payable on the 1st of every month and if its not in our office on the 1st then we have every right to contact you and inquire about the payment and any information we obtain while doing so can be used for collection purposes.So then I told them then why do they then say that we have a grace period up to the 15th of the month to make the payment before its considered late and late charges are incurred but you call and harrass people about payments that they are not in arrears of yet and he told me well because we can do that and who knows maybe the customer might end up making the payments earlier than the 15th and so its worth it to them to call customers about their payments! OMG I could not believe that guy had told me that!

I"ve been making my mortgage payments to them for several years now and to this day I can't stand those people. Every month when they start calling I just ignore and don't even answer the phone for them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Seterus Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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