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I am willing to join a class action. My situation has been a nightmare.

They have counted every payment I've made for the last 4 years as late and they all show on my credit report. I have never had a late payment to them! Never been charged a late fee! I have never had a notice of foreclosure (which, after 4 years I think I would get ?) Every time I contact them they say they have 30 days to 'investigate.' That 30 days has turned into 14 months.

Even received a letter from their own attorney saying I was not late, but Seterus refuses to fix their records. The only reason I found out about the late payments is I applied to another company to refinance. And for those of you who don't know, Seterus is a loan servicer, not a lender. Your actual mortgage loan holder is not them.

My mortgage holder is Fannie Mae (800-732-6643). You will need to call your holder and complain to them directly about Seterus. If enough of us do it maybe something will be done. They have 5 days left on this 30 day go-round.

If it's not fixed I will file suit. How many of you want to join a class action?

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I agree there needs to be a lawsuit against this company. Will gladly join in.


They have lost a $6000 cashiers check! Now they have started foreclosure proceedings.

Stop payment cannot be put on a cashiers check for 90 DAYS!

We will lose our home... This must be illegal.


Thank you, will be calling the 800 number tomorrow! I will join your suit!


I lost 300 month - as it costs me 3600 more a year now and for what? I been in same property 17 years.

Citi transferred me June 2014 I may have been late 2 months. They added about 28, 000 onto my balance I owed maybe 1600.

I know pay 3600 more net a year. I am drowning.


My husband had a brain anurysm about 4 years ago ,ii was late in a few payments but this company is raising the mortgage payments every year,since it was transfer to them,from 1087 now i pay 1345 monthly , they never stop, please i need help


My mortagage was in foreclosure, I paid the recovery amount. 2 days before the original "sale date", after NEVER being notified in writing of foreclosure, someone knocked at my door and told me that my home was still going to be sold.

I called Seterus immediately, and they ASSURED me that everything was "fine" and I could call the trustee for proof. When I called the Trustee, I was told that my home WAS IN FACT to be sold at 900am the next morning. Had that home buying vulture not knocked on my door, I never would have known, and my home would have been lost.

Spent all day on the phone, to be sure my home was no longer on the auction block. This company needs to be shut down!


Chase sold them my mortgage due to a few late payments. I will be paid off in a couple of months and I do not want to thru hoops to get the lien off my house. I don't even know this company and I don't know why Chase did this to us.


I would gladly join a suit against Seterus they are nothing but a den of theives and criminals.


Contact NACA Google and look for one who is licensed to practice. If the feel your case is one to win you pay nothing and they take over. www.consumeradvocates.org


I will join class action lawsuit. Tell me how. I have ammo


I am in as well, is there a law firm willing to take this up yet? WHo to send info to? I'd volunteer to assist in sourcing a law firm.

to ThinkableSquid #1529847

www.consumeradvocates.org Find one in your area and contacted.


We were completely burned by them and are in a similar situation. How do we get on board?


Seterus uses unethical schemes to charge excessive late fees! I am paying on time every month to avoid these late fees.

I get paid on the 7th and have until the 15th to submit my payment by contract. When I send my payment on the 5th, they claim they don't get it until the 16th. When I started to add the payment date on the check and send it in earlier, they charge me fees for a returned check since the bank won't pay until the 7th. Now I started to certify my mailed check, it goes to a PO box, where they do't pick it up until the 16th.

There is no way to avoid extra fees from Seterus, even if I pay online, it costs more. They are the most scrupulous and ruthless company I ever had to deal with.


I’m presently in a battle with them for putting me in escrow. I plan on register a claim tomorrow with the appropriate agencies.They put me in escrow because they claimed I hadn’t paid my taxes in 2014.

Then they found they were wrong and said I didn’t pay in 2017/18 so they paid them as well .Again they were wrong .I come to find out this week the city actually refunded Seterus but they never acknowledged it to my account.I pay high taxes in the city where I live. $8000 .At this time I’m already owed approximately 11000 .Tried Fannie Mae and they are useless as well.Can never get a call back. Just letter after letter acknowledging my correspondence.They are a disgrace, and I would love to bring them down!

Sign me up for a class action suit. I’d be happy to testify.

to Steve #1529848

Www.consumeradvocates.org Find one in your area..


My husband and I are in!!! The financial and mental strain has been overwhelming since we’ve been with Seterus


Me too, They have been a nitemare to deal with in getting my home transferred to me thru a quick claim deed from my exhusband who took a seond note out not including me, because of this the *** Ive been thru, Although Im claiming a hardship,and my exhusband paid $1183 per month with a loan mod they want me to pay 2,400 as a single mother. I had to hire lawyers to help me and Im the one who did all the work.

I cant declare bankruptcy as my ex is the borrwer and I am now the trustee, to make payments to help boost my exhusbands credit.

One dept doesnt communicate with other dept. I already had a sheriff sale that I had to get out of,I wouldnt wish this on anyone


I have a similar situation with them where they assess late fees, even though I pay on time. Every time I have to dispute my late fees.


If a law suit is going to be pursued contact me at 3of41of2@comcast.net

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