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I am willing to join a class action.My situation has been a nightmare.

They have counted every payment I've made for the last 4 years as late and they all show on my credit report. I have never had a late payment to them! Never been charged a late fee! I have never had a notice of foreclosure (which, after 4 years I think I would get ?) Every time I contact them they say they have 30 days to 'investigate.' That 30 days has turned into 14 months.

Even received a letter from their own attorney saying I was not late, but Seterus refuses to fix their records. The only reason I found out about the late payments is I applied to another company to refinance. And for those of you who don't know, Seterus is a loan servicer, not a lender. Your actual mortgage loan holder is not them.

My mortgage holder is Fannie Mae (800-732-6643). You will need to call your holder and complain to them directly about Seterus. If enough of us do it maybe something will be done. They have 5 days left on this 30 day go-round.

If it's not fixed I will file suit.How many of you want to join a class action?

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Please, please formerly request for a "Qualified Written Request under RESPA" (you can find templates on line with the language to use.Send via certified mail, return receipt - they have 5 business days (I believe) to respond.

Also file a complaint with the credit bureaus and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Anything you do with this predator MUST BE DOCUMENTED as they are liars beyond belief. I send my payments via certified mail, return receipt - none have been late but on my statement they mark as late. This is because they send out their statements before the last day the current payment is due - intentionally I'm guessing.

We can all hope somebody does something about their fraudulent practices - including Fannie Mae.They should be put out of business


I had to do a deed in lieu.I did everything I was told to do, in a timely fashion.

My three years is up, but they refuse to fix my credit report and using the date they decided to put the home into their possession, months after the actual paperwork was sent to them.I now cannot get financing and they keep dodging the letters and calls and refuse to correct the date.


i have had some problems wit them telling me i get my loan modification has been ok and will fly through I was so happy the next Friday i called again and she said you did not pass the qualifications for modification so they took the modification possibility out and now they want me to pay 18 months of payments plus all their million dollars worth of fee's

write a hard ship letter i am in the middle of i do not type well takes me fore ever but will finish tonight

you cant say i am cleared for

loan 4 days later i am not cleared and with that they of will call me by Friday and i have to call them that is when i got different person and it was like she hated me no you will not get a modified loan here !



Sold my home at sherrif sale!Found out day before sale from a third party call.

They lied, gave me the run around ect, ECT!! Now they keep denying wrong with facts in black and white!

Now dealing with the buyer trying to evict and we have had to file a motion to have forecloser set aside.This company is a bunch of pre written answers that never answer your questions crooks!!!


Show me where to sign.!This is the worst excuse for it a "company".

Customer service is rude there managers are worse. They are criminals and thugs! I signed the paperwork for deed in Lieu in March 2017. I was offered monies for relocation.

It should have been delivered within 30 days. I started calling at the end of March to confirm everything was OK. Since you were unable to talk to the same person you haven't a caseworker it's just random. They do not take notes well if at all.

Very long story short after lying to me daily I was told that the letter would be sent via federal express and was given a tracking number this was done May 31. When still nothing arrived and various calls to federal express I finally found out they never follow through. This was information given directly to me from federal express. When I called on the fourth of June I was told my mortgage has been sold as of June 1 I was no longer a customer therefore they could not speak to me.

After three weeks when the new company finally had my information they had nothing in regard to any type of relocation assistance. Finally as of October 27 I called again me to the new company that had bought my loan. They have been trying to contact Seterra's to verify this information and we're told they didn't have any type of a program like that. To make matters worse the home is for sale it may even be sold yet both companies are reporting to the credit agencies and I am 160...

I don't own it they have it for sale or as I have mentioned it is already sold. This is been a very very difficult year I lost my husband of 25 years in October 2016. Partly the reason for the deed in Lieu. I have everybody's name that I spoke to but when you call you were transferred to a manager who says we cannot transfer you to this department they dont take outside calls.

And doing my research I see that this company has change the name in order to continue their shady business practices. It was previously IBM solutions or something to that effect. They were sued under the previous name, all they did was change their name and continue with their questionable tactics. These people are Thugs.

Customer service is a joke after going to the 10 different steps you need to get to a representative you find yourself speaking to someone reading from a script. All of the information regarding this relocation program are in the notes , but I'll alas i'm not a customer anymore so they can't speak to me. But they can continue to report to the credit agencies young behind in my mortgage on the house I don't even own anymore. If you find yourself telling him to deal with these people whatever they maybe

I'm not a customer anymore so they can't speak to me.

But they can continue to report to the credit agencies young behind in my mortgage on the house I don't even own anymore. If you find yourself having to deal with these people in whatever name they are currently using, refuse. I have left a comment with consumer affairs the Better Business Bureau and contacting legal representation. The very worst in all of this is they knew the situation .

I was contacted multiple times to send my husband's death certificate. I had already sent it, twice. I am disabled and have had a stroke. Basically, they saw me coming.

While the situation may not be rectified for me I Will call whomever or post to whatever to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else.

I wish I could give them a zero but that's not an option in the ratings in fact I would love to give them a negative score.Please reply if there is any type of legal avenues that we the disgruntled customers might pursue

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Seterus is a provider hired by Fannie Mae, which is the program your in with your mortgage. They are both crooks!


Bank of America sold my loan to Seterus Inc.I have been strong-armed by Seterus ever since.

Several lies and deceptions have taken place since they've been servicing my mortgage loan for Fannie Mae; however, my gut tells me that Fannie Mae may be aware of their dirty tactics and doesn't care because it works to their benefit as well. Negative credit reporting inhibits you from refinancing. I believe they continue to use Seterus because they have a high debt retrieval rate despite the unconscionable tactics used to accomplish it.

A Lawsuit was filed in the United State District court in Southern Florida in 2016 against Seterus, QBE insurance who they use to provide their force-place insurance to borrowers whom have a lapse in home insurance coverage & against Praetorian Insurance company.

Both these home insurance companies were provided to me through my lenders when I failed to meet the renewal deadline with the insurance company of my choosing. Please refer to Link re: Edwards vs. Seterus , class action lawsuit and settlement reached....https://www.edwardssettlementinfo.com/Content/Documents/Settlement%20Agreement.pdf

Here are some of the things Seterus have done to me. Use them as reference to do some double checking on your own mortgage loan that they now service:

The amount Seterus collects for escrow in addition to my monthly mortgage payments has increased each year by several hundred dollars despite the fact that my school...

Ex: my monthly payments increased from $1671 to $1854 despite the fact that my taxes were lower this year and did not require them to collect more to place in escrow. Seterus also reports incorrectly to the credit bureau because this way you the borrower are kept in a negative credit history status which would make you an unattractive candidate to other lenders for refinancing. You literally have no choice but to stick with Fannie Mae and Seterus as their enforcer/ goon. Also Seterus took my balloon payment which is interest free and not due til I reach the end of my loan term and added it to my principal balance and have illegally been collecting interest on it for a couple of years now.

Seterus has also been receiving kickbacks from the Insurance companies "QBE & Praetorion" it gives you to provide you with forced home insurance. When i looked at how much my force insurance was costing me, it was triple the $ amount than if i had gotten an insurance company myself. They also keep innacurate statements on your account; this way you have no real paperwork or proof that you were ever current and would have no documents to support you in court identifying you were ever in good standing. Your statements will most likely show that you are always delinquent/ late on payments & they'll tack on a late payment to boot.

PS: Take notice, your late payments are never the same amount. They increase every few months within the same year. They,ve done quite a bit more to me over the years, but it's too extensive to list all of it here.

Food for thought, keep your eyes open with Seterus.They are TUGS in my opinion.

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to Mbeau9423 #1384185

Im about to file ch 13 just to stop seterus as mtg i withheld 3 months of mtg due to qbe stating there was nothing wrong with my roof turns out 6 months later the roof was bowed and all the water mold damage in house was from roof. I had to pay a seperate engineer and submit and then all [f a sudden it was correcred i have called seterus 29 times and never spoke to a person yet A person contaced me and says she wants to help but i cant let anyone know she called because technically she is not allowed to but she knows seterus is lying about not recieving my calls and they are purposely not cashing my payments cause they want to count as loss What the heck is that mean.... Fannie Mae definitely in bed with them.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1356531

Show me where to sign.Everybody I have known that ever has dealings with Seterus (including myself) has had nothing but nightmares since Chase sold out to them..Numerous people have reached out to them and hardly anything is ever resolved.I guess that's why they're a debt collection agency not a mortgage lender.

Either why the suck in all aspects of customer service. Can't wait to get rid of this scourge of a predatory company. There are laws against this type of charges that are so easy for them to manipulate.

They must go down.Some law firm please help!


There was a successful Class Action lawsuit filed in California.I contacted the attorney's office and was informed that I could not lodge a complaint since I did not live in California.

I have had one nightmare after another with Seterus. I went through the same problem and was never able to rectify it. They continuously charged me late fees and I was never late and had copies of the transactions, including the dates they deposited my money. Seterus would wait 10+ days to post to my account thus making it late and try to charge me $75 per month late fees.

*** I pay more than the minimal payment each month, and am several years ahead on my amortization, but according to them I was late every month for over a year.

For several months, any additional money I sent in each month sat in something called a "suspense" account. I would repeatedly call and tell them to apply it directly to principal. They constantly gave me the run around.

I am refinancing with a local bank at this time to get away from them and repair all the damage they have done to my credit (which was an 811 right before this started).

Seterus is not giving them the pay off total. I can't proceed until they do. I have called, the bank has called, I have called while sitting at the bank, and we completed and faxed the form they stated we had to fill out.

21 days later and they have still not sent in the pay off total.The loan manager and I are both frustrated.

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