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I am willing to join a class action.My situation has been a nightmare.

They have counted every payment I've made for the last 4 years as late and they all show on my credit report. I have never had a late payment to them! Never been charged a late fee! I have never had a notice of foreclosure (which, after 4 years I think I would get ?) Every time I contact them they say they have 30 days to 'investigate.' That 30 days has turned into 14 months.

Even received a letter from their own attorney saying I was not late, but Seterus refuses to fix their records. The only reason I found out about the late payments is I applied to another company to refinance. And for those of you who don't know, Seterus is a loan servicer, not a lender. Your actual mortgage loan holder is not them.

My mortgage holder is Fannie Mae (800-732-6643). You will need to call your holder and complain to them directly about Seterus. If enough of us do it maybe something will be done. They have 5 days left on this 30 day go-round.

If it's not fixed I will file suit.How many of you want to join a class action?


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We will!Wrongful foreclosure in August 2017!!

7 mths later still fighting and they have stalled everything so ling.Redemption over and now the "new owner" is going to try to evict even with us still involved with law suit!


I filed bankruptcy to keep my home after I lost my job.I get a notice that my homeowner's insurance is going to cancel because of nonpayment.

This is escrowed, or so I thought. Got my BK lawyer involved. Come to find out...for two years they misapplied my payments. How do you misapply $26,000??

they did a bunch wrong.

We are in litigation with Fannie May.This is in NC...You need a federal lawyer.search class actions against Seterus...there are lots of them


I also lost a home to this horrible company Seterus. This all started with 2 payments they lost when I was transferred to them from Bank Of America. I would love to file or find a lawyer.


I hate this company I lost my home I would love to file


I'm in as well


I'm in.


I ended up losing my house to this lender years ago because of all of the things that I hear from other people happened to them. I am very interested.


Seterus is running a scam with how they handle ESCROW account for my home!Need class action!

Is anybody experiencing a never ending underpayment of your ESCROW?? In 6 years they still say we owe for underpayment! And they balance has only increased from $1700 to $1800. How does that happen???

They had our home appraisal value auto-generated!Need anyone to speak out if they have experienced this with their ESCROW account with Seterus.

to Don Sr #1434839

They do the EXACT same thing to me EVERY year!

I tried for over a year to get a HARP refinance with them.I would submit the paperwork and at the end of 30 days they would say they didn't get all the paperwork and I had to resubmit, this went on for over 12 months.

They finally came back with a refinance, but wouldn't do the HARP. I had no choice at that point, but to take the refinance they presented, which kicked my term out to 40 years!

After they did the refinance, they have upped the escrow every year, so that I am paying the same I was before the refinance. I even get notices from the County and the Insurance Company that they have not received any payments.

From what they are doing, it appears they are forcing the escrow up to cause my payment to go up to where it was so that I am back in the same boat as I was before.

Don, my balance didn't even increase that much, but my monthly payment increased by $100 again this year!

And you can NEVER get in touch with them!

If you do happen to get someone, they have NO idea what they are talking about, you end up in circle conversations.Each time I have to pay my mortgage, talk to them, or even think about them my blood pressure and stress levels rise!!!


Boy would I. Not in the same as you but I can't even go into tthe fraud they do.


More then happy to join the Lawsuit or might even find a lawyer by myself. Count me on if you already started.


We would love to take this company down!!!They suck!!!

Let me know what has to be done.Johndoe447@yahoo.com


I want to join a class action lawsuit against Seterus.They applied two payments to October 2016 and two payments to November 2016.

I could only pay half of January and in February I called them for a repayment plan. They said I was a good candidate for Streamline Fannie Mae Loan Modification... high equity trouble making payments. Now I know why.

They have been trying to steal my home since July 1, 2017. I met the requirements and July 1 nothing happened. I got through to the *** in loan modification. She had a laundry list of excuses not to modify.

She held my July payment then used it to satisfy the February past due which should have been paid by one of those double payments for the two months in 2016. I called Fannie Mae and someone from Fannie Mae modified the loan. I received a letter from Seterus saying my loan had been modified and September 1 would be my modification date. The *** reversed everything Fannie Mae did and added a past due of two payments.

I heard on the grapevine that the modification date was July 1 even though Seterus did nothing to modify the loan. On December 14 the *** sent me a rundown of which payments went where an my first notification in writing that July 1 was the modification date. Seterus has kept me two payments behind since July and refused the third payment. They have hammered my mailbox with foreclosure notices sand tried to coerce me into an agreement to pay back money I don’t owe.

They have ruined six months of my life and I have terminal cancer.Count me IN


Exact issue here--I have my bank statements proving I was never late 2 1/2 years!Please also file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If they get enough complaints they will fine them. Only attorneys make money on class action lawsuits. Also, file a complaint with Fannie Mae. Seterus is such a corrupt company with deceptive fraud practices--not sure why a government agency like Fannie Mae would work with them.

Chase Bank sold my mortgage to them.Complain to your State Attorney General


I will same with me and i have the dates and there confirmation number that I paid ontime for 3 years and same thing!!


I will


Please, please formerly request for a "Qualified Written Request under RESPA" (you can find templates on line with the language to use.Send via certified mail, return receipt - they have 5 business days (I believe) to respond.

Also file a complaint with the credit bureaus and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Anything you do with this predator MUST BE DOCUMENTED as they are liars beyond belief. I send my payments via certified mail, return receipt - none have been late but on my statement they mark as late. This is because they send out their statements before the last day the current payment is due - intentionally I'm guessing.

We can all hope somebody does something about their fraudulent practices - including Fannie Mae.They should be put out of business


I had to do a deed in lieu.I did everything I was told to do, in a timely fashion.

My three years is up, but they refuse to fix my credit report and using the date they decided to put the home into their possession, months after the actual paperwork was sent to them.I now cannot get financing and they keep dodging the letters and calls and refuse to correct the date.


i have had some problems wit them telling me i get my loan modification has been ok and will fly through I was so happy the next Friday i called again and she said you did not pass the qualifications for modification so they took the modification possibility out and now they want me to pay 18 months of payments plus all their million dollars worth of fee's

write a hard ship letter i am in the middle of i do not type well takes me fore ever but will finish tonight

you cant say i am cleared for

loan 4 days later i am not cleared and with that they of will call me by Friday and i have to call them that is when i got different person and it was like she hated me no you will not get a modified loan here !



Sold my home at sherrif sale!Found out day before sale from a third party call.

They lied, gave me the run around ect, ECT!! Now they keep denying wrong with facts in black and white!

Now dealing with the buyer trying to evict and we have had to file a motion to have forecloser set aside.This company is a bunch of pre written answers that never answer your questions crooks!!!

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