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tried to get setup for an online account to track my payments because I requested a payment date on the phone and they took out the payment 10 days early causing my bank account to be short. I want to get it in writing but can set up an e-mail account.

This company is a fraud.

I have been trying to set up an online account for a month after 20 or more calls and many excuses it is still not done. I am going to complain to the BBB I have had it with them.

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Howell, Michigan, United States #1123935

I had them as a mortgage company. I can give you some information, albeit sounds *** and some tips.

(1) The company claims it costs a lot of money to accept online payments.

(2) The workers are not at fault.

When you call, it is just a 'monkey on the phone.' I don't mean this as an insult. They have no control over IT or management.

(3) If you ask to speak to management, they will tell you one is not available. When you ask for one to call you back, they never return the call.

(4) Due to this, you are best off sending a check via USPS (mail), along with an instructional letter on how the payment is to be applied.

(5) Include the following words in your letter: "The payment I am remitting shall be applied in the following manner (principal, interest, escrow, etc.). Let them know that any other application thereof is fraud and will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Attorney General." In case you wonder, interest is figured out in this manner: (interest rate * principal left to pay off loan)/ 12, so if you owe $50,000 and your interest rate is 6% ----> (50,000 * .06)/ 12 = $250 is the interest portion of your next payment). (6) Make copies of all checks and letters you send, dates, times and person with whom you corresponded by phone. I even went as far as requiring a signature (certified mail return receipt) for my payments.

That way if they say they never received it, you have caught them red-handed. (7) If they still give you trouble, send all the information you collected (copies or online, of course) to the FTC and Attorney General. They will respond to you quickly: we have received your complaint and have it on file. Your response (like mine) may be, 'yeah, yeah, yeah,' but to my pleasant surprise, they helped me out A LOT!

My next statement came via FedEx! Not only that, but along with the payment being applied correctly, there was a letter from Seterus with the statement with the following words: 'We have applied your payment in the manner required by law (how I showed you above) and realize that suspense accounts are punishable by fine and/ or imprisonment.' There was other stuff in the letter, but you get the gist. Do this each and every month and you shall have no more problems. Keep in mind though they will be watching you and if you have one slip-up (late payment, etc.), they may be a pain to you, just like you have been to them.

Again, this is not the fault of the clerk answering the phone. Hope this helps.

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