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Seterus, Inc fka as LBPS pulled a bait and switch with their various modification programs to deliberately try and foreclose on the home. As I reached out for help from Fannie, Seterus, Inc, FHFA they were all too overwhelmed too help.

As I came to find out through this process, Fannie, Seterus, Inc have little to no oversight. No one is auditing the files. Yes, I will say this again..."no one is auditing the files for discrepancies" Fannie Mae does not care what the servicers are doing and the servicers love this as they can foreclose on as many people as possible and collect huge fees. Why would you modify a loan for a $500 incentive when you can foreclose and collect insurance fees for the bank and yourself that will be in the $10,000's.

Seterus, Inc will not modify your home unless they are forced too and in my case they were told to do so.

Please email me your story at: I want to hear what happened to you. We can only make change happen when enough victims come forward and demand changes and oversight to these servicers and Fannie.

Review about: Seterus Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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