My mortgage was transferred to Seterus thru Chase. These people call me at work as to why I haven't paid my loan 1st of the month, asked I had grace period until 15th and I will pay by the 15th..

I have a escrow account with Seterus, My insurance was paid out $1400 yearly instead should had been $700.00 only upon calling customer service they couldn't tell me why was $1400 paid transferred to insurance department came to know computer automatically paid out asked why because that's how it is set up and they couldn't get insurance (Farmers) to refund overpayment but I had to call otherwise I loose that money and than I shortage on escrow account.... I don't understand why this company is servicing loans they should be behind the bars. I am not having any luck with them and would like federals gov.

to get involved now .............

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I just finish a loan modification with Seterus Inc. and as per the “Loan Modification Agreement” sent to me on October 10, 2012 and made effective on October 17, 2012 clearly states that:

1)There’s an escrow shortage amount of $4,372.97 and if I want to pay the total shortage in a lump sum to please contact them.

2)There’s a deferral of an outstanding principal balance of $22,578.14 of which I am not required to make regularly payments on that portion and it will only be due when I finish paying of the modified loan or sell, transfer the property.

Now, Seterus inc. has/hav/had $7,678.14 of my funds that was sent to them and after the loan agreement I’ve been in constant long conversation with them on how I wanted those funds applied which is,

1)To Pay off the escrow shortage amount of $4,372.97

2)Apply the remaining funds of $3,305.17 towards my Then, October, November and December mortgage payment respectively.

Instead I found out that Seterus applied the total funds towards the principle on October 20th of 2012 and inspite of my constant and documented, Verbal and written plea for the relocations of funds it seems to fall on deaf ears and all I get is a runaround from department to department to no end in sight.

To make maters worst on my last conversation with one of the supervisors I find out that there’s a host of Hidden and dubious fees due on my 1st mortgage payment for October.

This is very concerning as well as upsetting and frustrating to me because,

A.We have a written agreement that doesn’t mention nor hints about any additional fees. In fact the agreement states otherwise.

B.If they applied $7,678.14 payment to the principle balance then the figures that are in the Loan modification agreement pertaining to my principal balance and monthly mortgage payment are wrong. I still can’t get a conclusive answer from Seterus!

C.I was told that there’s a $400.00 fee for a home inspection which to make matters worse, there was never a Physical “Home Inspection” Performed on the property! This in its self is unethical and fraudulent practice!

There’s a host of other fees totaling $705.00 which by now my head was so numb that I could not even keep up not to mention that the supervisor I was talking to was extremely rude, arrogant and threatened to end the conversation several times when I would interject or questioned the charges. Furthermore I’ve requested a statement be sent to me and have yet to see one produced.

I’m truly frustrated and feel like I’m being bullied Big corporate to small consumer by means of dubious and shady practice’s….

And if I don’t get this resolved like soon the worst part is still to come! I be right back to what my mortgage payments were before the loan mod!!! O.o ….


This scares me, was just informed that my BoA loan was transferred to Seterus.

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