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I am Ina Piette, at 4250 W. 58th Place, Los Angeles, Ca 90043 and my house is financed by Wells Fargo Mortgage, through Community Funding, not Seterus.

Seterus has mistakenly designated my house for foreclosure, (Loan ID# 33727). I have never had a mortgage loan with Seterus. Sheila R. Levy, may be the borrower, but this is the wrong address.

I am receiving a deluge of mail from companies offering help for foreclosure suspension, which is scheduled for auction on 12/10/13.

Please correct this error immediately, because this is effecting my credit rating. I am 83 years old and have just had surgery, so I hope I will not have to make a big trip to the Hall of Records to get this straightened out.

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